Our Story

Growing Me To Be Academy was conceptualized by co-owners Danielle Fontenot and Ashley Jackson out of a shared desire for quality child care where parents could feel confident that their child was in a safe and educational space. Ms. Fontenot and Ms. Jackson, mothers of two young children each, spent a countless amount of time searching for a facility that met their standards for holistic child care.

The Academy

They longed for a place that was close to home, family oriented, clean, safe, offered a stimulating curriculum, employed quality caregivers, promoted overall health and wellness, and provided the peace of mind required to leave their children in someone else’s care day after day. They struggled to find childcare that encompassed all these things at an affordable price.

As a result, they joined forces and created Growing Me to Be Academy, a child care facility servicing families with children six weeks to four years of age.

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Ashley Jackson

Combining her passions for education, health, and wellness, Ms. Jackson earned a Bachelor in Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science. With the dedication and fortitude of a former college athlete, she values the importance of forming good habits, physical activity, and balanced nutrition.

Ms. Jackson boasts an impressive career of over twelve years in diversified teaching, including classroom instruction, health, and wellness education, fitness coaching and safety training. Ms. Jackson has been actively involved in shaping the minds of both children and adults. As a middle school English teacher, she understands first-hand the value of a strong education and early year child development.

As co-owner, Ms. Jackson will ensure that the children at Growing Me to Be Academy receive a strong dynamic curriculum that will promote classroom education, healthy nutrition, and physical activity. Additionally, she will focus on the administrative logistics that will ensure the center’s operations are performed efficiently.

Danielle Fontenot

Following her passion to help families, Ms. Fontenot earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling: Marriage and Family. She also touts a professional career of over ten years in sales and marketing. Additionally, as a former professional athlete, Ms. Fontenot is no stranger to hard work and a commitment to excellence.

Combining her passions and innate skills, Ms. Fontenot has a proven track record of success because she embraces the value of maximum performance in all her endeavors and Growing Me to Be Academy is no exception.

As Co-owner, Ms. Fontenot will incorporate the values of a healthy family dynamic through Growing Me to Be Academy activities. She will also lend her creative expertise toward imaginative methods within the classrooms and oversee enrollment.

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